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Pymntz by iStream Financial Services is focused on payments, data, A/R, treasury management and reconciliation. Pymntz is the platform designed to process payments (bank & card) and the data associated with each transaction for Accounts Receivable and Payable

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The Pymntz platform was built from the ground up to handle all aspects of processing, settlement, reconciliation, monitoring and returns management. It is used in both Financial Institutions as well as corporate environments.

Collect & Send Payments Faster

Pymntz streamlines accounts receivables and payables by facilitating any type of payment (bank & card.)

Receive Payments On-Time

Accelerate receivables and reduce costs by simplifying the complexity of the payments process.

Secured Environment

The Pymntz platform delivers a safe integration. Pymntz uses the latest technology and features to ensure a secured environment.

Pymntz stands apart from other solutions in the marketplace in several key areas. Pymntz is a single platform that is integrated to Bank Core Processors and “Card” backends. These integrations allow Pymntz to facilitate both banking and card centric transactions from a single platform. Pymntz leverages an agnostic approach when it comes to both the payments and disbursement sides of a transaction. This approach provides integrations to virtually all financial institutions and card processing backends. Pymntz allows clients to keep the relationships they have in place today if desired, while streamlining the process, delivering faster payments and often significant cost reduction.

Segregated into three specific areas – payments, processing and disbursement, Pymntz effectively enables organizations to ingest payments of all types, process and perform any necessary additional workflow required. The payments are then processed along with any associated data to one or multiple accounts or systems, depending on requirements. Pymntz serves as a truly end-to-end solution for payment processing, without requiring changes to any existing financial or integration relationships.

All Payments A-Z

Pymntz powered by iStream Financial Services was designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. The Pymntz platform was designed with a bank/card agnostic architecture, allowing existing relationships to continue while leveraging the power and efficiencies delivered by the iStream suite of solutions. iStream does not believe in a one size fits all approach. iStream takes a consultative approach in closely listening to a client’s needs and pains, then presents options for overcoming these obstacles with a personalized solution designed to meet the specific needs of the perspective client.


Bank Agnostic

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Merchant Processing

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Zero Startup Cost

Get Started with Pymntz

Pymntz from iStream is your single service solution for all of your payment needs. Contact us today to discuss your individual situation and collaborate on a solution that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. From A/R to A/P, Pymntz delivers the treasury management tools that positively impact your operations. From inception to settlement and reconciliation, Pymntz is the only platform you need.

The iStream Team consists of experts in the areas of treasury management, data processing, banking, operations, IT/Network design and management, development, core processing and payments. The collective experience in working to integrate and deliver solutions in a manner that does not disrupt current relationships, has been cornerstone to the success iStream has realized. Having worked and integrated with hundreds of banks, core processors and third-party systems allows iStream to gain a big-picture view of an organization’s operations. Working from the macro view, then honing in on specific areas, ensures that no critical points are missed when developing and implementing a solution. Ensuring each client’s success is the mission upon which iStream operates on.   iStream Financial Services delivers treasury management solutions that encompass all aspects of a payment transaction via the Pymntz platform. iStream’s end-to-end payment solutions for all payment types, deliver efficiencies and increase cash flow. From integration facilitation, data management and payment processing, Pymntz reduces the costs and overall complexity of payments. iStream focuses efforts on expanding and enhancing the Pymntz platform. Today this includes capabilities and integrations that facilitate remote deposit capture, ACH, credit card processing, robust sub-accounting capabilities, Lockbox and Commercial Bill Pay, all while being bank agnostic. Utilization of iStream for payment processing requires no changes to existing banking relationships and results in decreased costs and increased revenue.

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